Masayoshi Takano, the founder, opened a factory for manufacturing parts of fighting aircraft in the prewar era. When the war started, he went into the service in Manshu. After losing the war, he came back to Japan and saw his factory area which was nothing but burnt-out ruins.

Fortunately his family had safely moved to Hokkaido for safety during the war. He joined the pioneer group in Hokkaido and worked hard at farming. While the postwar chaotic situation started to settle down, his passion for technology work revived. He decided to go back to Tokyo by himself.

There he was unable to find a job in Tokyo, so he ended up working for Nakoso power plant in Fukushima as a residential plumber. A few years later, in May 1955, he founded Takano Steel Mill in Kitamachi, Kawaguchi City in Saitama, and contracted for the power plant facility and plumbing works.

The company moved to Niihori in Kawaguchi City, which is the current address, in October 1964, because of the business extension of Japan National Railways. Using the skill of making aircraft’s parts, our work expanded including various painting facility machines, transporting machines and manufacturing labor saving equipment, etc.

Later, the business kept expending smoothly due to high economic growth. We built the new plant in 1996 and continued up to today.

Chronological table

Takano Steel Mill was founded.
Moved to Niihori in Kawaguchi City, Saitama, which is the current address, from Kitamachi, Kawaguchi City in Saitama.
Takano Corporation was founded.
Built the new factory in Niihori in Kawaguchi City, Saitama.
Built the second factory
Establishes Takano Techno Service Co.
Built the third factory
Built the fourth factory