For using this web site, Takano Corporation has established policies regarding the processing of personal information and ensures the appropriate management, use and protection of the personal information which is provided by users of this site.

Basic Policy

We recognize that personal information is important property of individuals. All of the people who work for Takano must respect the system for personal information management, protect the customer’s information by treating personal information precisely and safely, and respond to the trust of our customers.
The purpose of the system for personal information management

To ensure compliance for adequate acquisition, utilization and the standard of presentation of personal information, and the operation rules.
To create a code of conduct and rules of specific procedures for preventing unauthorized access, leakage, loss or damage of personal information.

Objectives of the personal data management system
Comply with the standards for the acquisition, use and provision of appropriate personal information and the rules governing this.
Establish a code of conduct and specific rules to ensure that unauthorized access to personal data and leakage, loss or damage of personal data does not occur.

Organization Activity

The following are the activities to implement our basic policy.

  • Senior members and all employees will comply with the laws concerning the handling of the personal information, the guidelines by the government and other related rules.
  • We request business partners, either corporations or individuals, for their cooperation to achieve the goal of the regulations.
  • We set up a customer service on our website. (URL=
  • We improve the system for personal information management regularly.

Handling of Personal Information

Acquisition, Utilization and Presentation of Personal Information
When we acquire personal information, we clarify the purpose of use, restricting the usable range and handle carefully.

Respecting the Rights
We respect the rights of the individual related their personal information and respond immediately to their requests for disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information.

Implementation of Security Measures
We develop internal company regulations and implement security measures for preventing personal information to be leaked outside of the company and accessed illegally.