362 Niihori Kawaguchi-shi
Saitama-ken 334-0061
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Designing, manufacturing,
installation and maintenance of
every kind of conveyor

Conveyors are indispensable for production and distribution. We provide the total service for the conveyor system, such as designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, in all kinds of business fields.


Manufacturing cans (SS, SUS)

We are confident being true to the ordered design because we are particular about the preciseness of our productions. Our skill which has been build up during many years, guarantees the quality of the product you ordered.


Other plant facility related services

We thoroughly support every kind of facility related to construction. You can rely on us for working with experts in each field.


Labor saving equipment

We manufacture labor saving machines for reducing labor costs and improving productivity. All of our machinery products are made to order to satisfy your requirements.



362 Niihori Kawaguchi-shi Saitama-ken 334-0061

By Car

  • About 5 min.from Shingo IC of "Kawaguchi expressway"
  • About 15 min.from Souka IC of "Tokyo Gaikan expressway"

※We have 5 parking area.

By Train and Bus

  • About 40 min by bus from Kawaguchi station (JR Keihin-tohoku line).
  • About 20 min by bus from Souka station (Tobu Isesaki line).
  • About 20 min on foot from Mihumadaishinsuikouen station (Nippori Toneri line).
  • About 25 min by bus from Hatogaya station (Saitama Kosoku line).


  • About 5 min on foot from Shingoshisho bus stop(No.12 bound for "Angyo dewa, Minehachi jingu" from Kawaguchi station).
  • About 5 min on foot from Shingoshisho bus stop(No.11 bound for "Souka station west entrance" from Kawaguchi station).
  • About 5 min on foot from Shingoshisho bus stop(No.11 bound for "Kawaguchi station east entrance" from Souka station).