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Takano is a friendly workplace and homey atmosphere. We are looking for colleagues who are cheerful and enjoy the work.

Ideal types of human resources

  • Diligent and honest persons.
  • Positive and serious attitude.

Preferred skills

Skill of reading design drawings.
experienced persons are more than welcome.
※inexperienced persons with strong motivation are welcome.

Recruitment guidelines

Any educational background Over 18 years old Japanese capability for conversation
Employment pattern
Permanent ※3 months introductory period
Working hours
Salary and benefits
◆a raise in salary once a year
◆provide transportation expenses (up to \20,000 in a month)
◆Various social insurance (employment insurance, industrial accident insurance, health insurance, Employee’s Pension Insurance)
Please contact us by phone regarding salary and holidays.

How to apply

Please mail your resume using any style including a recent photograph of your face, preferably taken within the last 6 months. Please mail it to the address below and describe clearly which position you are interested in.
We will contact you after reviewing your resume.
※Please note that we will not return your application.
※We will discuss with you about when you wish to begin working.
※Personal information of all applicants will be handled confidentially.

Comments by an employee

Work division: Manufacturing departmentName: Masaya Tsukada Age: 21 years oldYears of service: 3

Masaya TsukadaMasaya Tsukada

I joined Takano without any knowledge about mechanical facilities. I couldn’t understand even design drawings. I gradually began to be able to make simple products with instructions and advice by my seniors. I now supervise my working site and have gained confidence about my job. All of my colleagues are great. We often talk about work and private life, they sometimes give me meaningful advice. This is very inspiring and comfortable environment to work in and I am confident that I can improve myself through my work in Takano.


362 Niihori Kawaguchi-shi Saitama-ken 334-0061

By Car

  • About 5 min.from Shingo IC of "Kawaguchi expressway"
  • About 15 min.from Souka IC of "Tokyo Gaikan expressway"

※We have 5 parking area.

By Train and Bus

  • About 40 min by bus from Kawaguchi station (JR Keihin-tohoku line).
  • About 20 min by bus from Souka station (Tobu Isesaki line).
  • About 20 min on foot from Mihumadaishinsuikouen station (Nippori Toneri line).
  • About 25 min by bus from Hatogaya station (Saitama Kosoku line).


  • About 5 min on foot from Shingoshisho bus stop(No.12 bound for "Angyo dewa, Minehachi jingu" from Kawaguchi station).
  • About 5 min on foot from Shingoshisho bus stop(No.11 bound for "Souka station west entrance" from Kawaguchi station).
  • About 5 min on foot from Shingoshisho bus stop(No.11 bound for "Kawaguchi station east entrance" from Souka station).