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Corporate Profile



“Pleasing our customers”


This is our primary motto. We provide our services with “proven technology” and “sincerity” to meet your expectations. We are very confident that our performance can make our customers very satisfied.

~Our five commitments~

1. Response capabilities and proposal abilities on requests


We explore the best possible result based on the customer’s idea, propose additional ideas, and process the manufacturing. This flow is important for cost control and manufacturing your order meeting or exceeding your expectations. We also provide consulting service for design.

2. Meet delivery deadlines


We are very rigorous about meeting delivery deadlines. Delays mean damages to our customers. We are very clear about this and will not allow damages to happen to our customers. We also can handle short delivery deadlines, so please feel free to contact us.

3. Full support after purchase


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the products we delivered. We will fully support your needs. We believe that our long term relationship will start after the delivery.

4. Organize the factory and keep the tools in the best condition


Organizing and maintaining neatness are the most basic things. Productivity will be improved by eliminating wasteful procedures, looking for something for example. We take serious care of our working sites and making all necessary precautions. We are dedicated to sensitive manufacturing. Tools are very important. Our employers maintain their own tools and try to maximize their product life time. This keeps the machines and tools in their best condition.

5. Be particular about the appearance of the products


We care about not only the function of our products but appearance. It isn’t enough to earn the customer’s trust if our products don’t have a nice appearance, even if they have good functions. This is the same concern about hidden parts. “Nice appearance” is one of the most important elements for us to guarantee excellent products.

Ieyasu’s words

The Family precepts of Tokugawa Ieyasu are our creed.

The life of a human is just like walking a long way with heavy burden. Never rush. You never feel you are missing something if you always stay in an unfulfilled situation. If you have greed in your mind, remember when you had nothing but a hard situation. Patience is the most important key to keep you safe and have a long life. Anger is the enemy. Thinking of victory all the time and never experiencing to be loser will harm your future. Be responsible for all things and never blame other people. To have less is always better than too much.

Ieyasu Tokugawa, January 15 (in the old calendar), 1603


Please feel free to contact us for technical questions and consultation.

Contact by phone is also welcome. 048-281-6024 [Weekday8:00~17:00]


362 Niihori Kawaguchi-shi Saitama-ken 334-0061

By Car

  • About 5 min.from Shingo IC of "Kawaguchi expressway"
  • About 15 min.from Souka IC of "Tokyo Gaikan expressway"

※We have 5 parking area.

By Train and Bus

  • About 40 min by bus from Kawaguchi station (JR Keihin-tohoku line).
  • About 20 min by bus from Souka station (Tobu Isesaki line).
  • About 20 min on foot from Mihumadaishinsuikouen station (Nippori Toneri line).
  • About 25 min by bus from Hatogaya station (Saitama Kosoku line).


  • About 5 min on foot from Shingoshisho bus stop(No.12 bound for "Angyo dewa, Minehachi jingu" from Kawaguchi station).
  • About 5 min on foot from Shingoshisho bus stop(No.11 bound for "Souka station west entrance" from Kawaguchi station).
  • About 5 min on foot from Shingoshisho bus stop(No.11 bound for "Kawaguchi station east entrance" from Souka station).